How to increase a member in the home correctly

How to increase penis at home? The question about the adequate size of the institution for the stronger sex, there was always spicy. Some do not have obvious problems, trying to enlarge your penis in all possible ways, even when they're absolutely not necessary. Women to achieve orgasm they need a big penis size. But there is a category of men, which is really needed to repair the organ. There are many techniques that will help you to enlarge penis at home. Today we tell about the most effective ways that actually changes the settings of the penis in length and thickness.

penis enlargement

Before starting any methodology, it is better to measure her dignity. It is possible that you have an average penis, it's not worth it to exhaust yourself workouts, extracts, or to resort to the radical methods of changing the size of the operation.

Doctors proved that there is a penis in erection can be from 10-15 see Everything is lower or higher – a small penis or large size, respectively. As the saying goes, someone's luck, and some don't. But the problem of the small authority you can decide for yourself.


Enlarge penis at home is possible only in the case that the men have obvious problems with authority. No acute disease associated with sexually transmitted DISEASES or cancer formations. Before you embark on any procedure on the breast, you need to get rid of symptomatic disease.

Methods of correction of the penis of the house:

  1. Vacuum pump;
  2. Extender;
  3. Jelcing, exercise;
  4. Ointments, creams, gels and sprays;
  5. Medicinal products;
  6. Stretching by the load.

Pump vacuum

Thanks to the charter, which can occur for several species, it is possible to achieve a result for over a month after its daily use. Increase real, not just in diameter, and even in length.

In addition, the device has many advantages. It helps to solve a number of male problems associated with the sexual sphere. The pump has a view of the flask, pump with pears, the pressure rings (look to be hermetically sealed).

Principle of operation:

  • The phallus is injected into the cylinder (pump become, manual, manual);
  • Is removed from the air using the pump, creates an erection;
  • Ring firmly press to the pubis, of the flask and in the meantime, shoot;
  • Keep up to 8 minutes, then take it;
  • Repeat 2 times a day every day.

Before each method to increase the male dignity, worth, to the initial measurement. The control no sooner than a month.


  • Helps to remove stagnant processes in a small frying pan in irregular sexual relationships and sedentary work;
  • Filled impotence;
  • The growth of the male organ up to 4 cm;
  • Spice up your love life;
  • Masturbation.


How to increase the size of using the device? Thanks to him, it is possible to achieve in 1 month to 0.5 cm, if used on a daily basis. The principle of work – this is the section of the cells of the epithelium tissue.

Which, in turn, under the weight of extender tend to grow and fill the void, which arise on the spot, stretching. The method is similar to those used in surgery, so the growth of the authority granted.


  • Penis enlargement in length and width;
  • Correction of the curvature and defects of the penis in domestic conditions.

Results after using for 4-5 months:

  • To 5 cm in the excited state;
  • Up to 3.5 cm in the rest of the penis;
  • In the range of up to 1.5 see

For the first month it is recommended to install the device for up to 10 hours, respectively, this is done for the night. Every day the dressing up it can be to achieve stunning results in a few months, the changed parameters will remain for the whole life.

Jelcing and proper exercise

If applied eastern techniques, this increases the sex organ gradually not to cause a lot of damage, and is less traumatic.

Because you have to control the whole process by hand and in a timely manner to interrupt the exercise in the event that discomfort.

The principle is based on the connection with the influx of blood to the genitals and stretching the cells of the penis. If used daily, 1-2 times a day, result can be achieved in a month.

Prior to the activity and the start of the exercise it is worth it to carefully prepare and warm up the phallus. It is possible to use the warm heater, kitchen salt in a sock or towels, moistened in hot water.


The main thing is to avoid burns, follow the temperature and your feelings. For the improvement of the process and effectiveness of teaching can apply special creams or gels for the enlargement of the organ. It helps you to quickly change the appearance of dignity.

Exercise "Jelcing"

  1. Plant the cream on the genital organ;
  2. Massage, bring to a mild erection;
  3. The Fold of the index finger and thumb thick ring;
  4. It is not compression, but rather elastic circuit spend over the entire length of the penis, below the head;
  5. You are doing the movement so as not to cause severe discomfort and pain;
  6. Repeat the "thick ring" along the entire length up to 40 times;
  7. Increase each lesson into 10 pieces;
  8. By the end of 1 month must be carried out to 300-350 per session.

By doing these simple movements, later 30 days, you will notice a significant increment in centimeters.

Stretching the use of the goods

It is the largest and oldest technique for increasing penis size. Modern analog – extender.

So, if you want to get a fax, you can resort to stretch marks and to itself, with the use of improvised means. Some of the men of the flask with water is used as the weighting.

Only here it is necessary to be very careful. The technique in a wrong attitude quite dangerous and painful for the body.

Lies in the fact that the assigned load for 10-15 minutes in the initial stages, and then a longer (but not more than 20). Under the weight of the penis lengthens and the effect can be observed already after 1 month.

Perform should be careful, carefully and without sudden movements. The Penis should be able to erection. At the base of the head member wrapped fully elastic bandage or wear a handkerchief, try to pinch the authority must tighten up the skin of the penis.

In special shops to purchase a collar, on which will be hung cargo. Necessarily look at video lessons, do not load, and until you meet with a bandage and collar.

When you redeem the goods, with every week weigh their, necessarily pay attention to your feelings, in the case of sharp pain stop the procedure. To the next kg often include sports equipment – bikes and dumbbells.

And if it's not home, as we have said previously bottled water, either will suit. The first lesson starts 5 minutes, increases with each one on 1.

The maximum time that with a load – no more than 20. Longer can happen, since the pressure start to die off cells, and so until necrosis factor near.

The basic rules of stretching

  • No erection before and during the mass;
  • Squeeze out a drop of blood from the penis before you hang up the phone;
  • The cargo hold until then, until you feel mild discomfort. Pain, burning and cutting – it is prohibited;
  • The change in color, darkening and blue member – the norm until after the rate increase;
  • Sharp weighting will lead to thrombosis, but not to the growth, everything should be gradually;
  • Lack of exercise, walking and so on, Stand in one place;
  • Beginners is not recommended, you need to practice after exercise jelqing;
  • The first load should not exceed 200 gg