Small penis: methods to increase the size of the

How to increase penis length or its width? Some men consider the size of your sexual organ ideal and are willing to go to great lengths for the sake of his increase. So I hope this is in the home?

How to increase penis length?

a small member of the

Currently, there are many men who believe that their penis size is not sufficient for it to satisfy the partner and begin to doubt their power.

But before you decide that the length or width of the penis insufficient, it is necessary to determine what the normal penis size and what should be its ideal size is according to the girls. Maybe for doubts in your abilities, there is no reason.

How to increase penis size? It is possible to do at this point different methods. It and surgical and non-surgical methods.

Ointments and powders

Vocational researchers argue that the positive effect for a similar funds it is anything else, like auto-suggestion, as the drug does not affect in any way on the body and has a placebo effect.

A similar view is hard to refute, because at the present time there is no original test that would accurately confirmed the fact that the use of such funds actually in some way affects the length or width of the sexual organ.

We can confidently conclude that such ointments and pills a negative effect on the male body do not bear, because their composition is almost always ginseng, different weed, yohimbe (herbal viagra). The use of such funds is possible, will strengthen your body, but on the size of the penis would have no effect.

Exercises and weights to enlarge the penis size

The company-the manufacturers claim that if every day for 8 hours to carry such an attribute, then it is possible to achieve penis enlargement of a few centimeters. But this method is very questionable, because in this way it is possible to only stretch the skin cover, but not the actual sexual organ.

Before the start of the implementation of the different exercises, which is something like have an impact on the length and width of the penis, it is necessary to understand that the sex organ — not the biceps. Pump up the impossible.

Despite this network continue to gain in popularity a variety of exercise classes, which somehow help to change the size of the sexual organ. For example, one of these units is called "jelcing". They say to him, involves a series of exercises from the arab techniques, which to us still from the far ancient times.

Vacuum pump

The result is a vacuum that stimulates the flow of blood to the penis body, on the other hand, becomes excited and visually, of course, increases.

After performing the treatments at the base of the penis, is fixed to a small ring that prevents rapid outflow of the blood. Although this is a favorite method, consider this method safe, you cannot, because:

  • can not be excluded premature impotence in the patient;
  • it is quite likely damage to the blood vessels, in consequence of which appear bruising;
  • it is not excluded damage to the soft tissues.

In addition, after that, how with the sexual organ will be canceled ring, it will be exactly the same size, what was before that.

Increase penis size surgically

In the journal "European urology today" 10 years ago published an article in which it is stated that the maximum length to which it is possible to enlarge a penis, does not exceed 3 cm. At this point the men offer to do one of two operations.

Increasing the length of the

It's no secret that thanks to the presence of small rope, a man's penis is attached to the pan. Which supporting ligaments, firmly attached to the penis body, and the cover part to the rear part of the body.

Surgical intervention means release the tension of the ligaments, which is achieved due to the fact that they reduce. As a result, after the surgery a large part of the sexual organ becomes visible. However, there is the risk that in the future the ligaments begin to get in the way again.

To avoid such side effects, the man will have to every day for a period of 6 months wear on the penis special a special device.

Enlarge penis in width

But after some time, the doctors found that fat tissue places begins to deteriorate, and as a result member it seems, is not completely equal. Then started to do another surgery, in which a member of the implanted fabric, transplanted from a genetically similar body, which is applied in various kinds of reconstructive surgery.

Doctor J. Rosenthal says that after the surgery, no side effects, as well as in the previous case, no. The result is really achieved, and it takes more than one year. But, unfortunately, no one can give a guarantee that the donated tissue transplant will behave the way you need.

In addition to these two most common ways exist, and more. For example, in the case that the patient is severely overweight, then increase the size of the sexual organ visually, it is possible using liposuction. In the course of the operation at the base of the penis to clean fatty tissue.

What findings may be made concerning methods of penis enlargement?

Moreover, if man will try to change the size of your penis with the help of these funds, and not get the desired result, you may fall into a depression that, in consequence, may even become the cause of psychogenic erectile dysfunction.

And this problem will have to clean up with the help of medicine drugs. Also the uncertainty in itself can trigger premature ejaculation, which is also a negative impact on the quality of your sexual life.

Actually increase the length or width of the member is possible only with the help of surgery. All other methods are in the best case there will be no result, in the worst case may even hurt you. Before deciding on any procedures, be sure to consult with your doctor and weigh all "for" and "against".

The whole truth about penis enlargement

It is widely known that a man's dignity must be of superior size. Well, suppose that is not such as to fulfill the up to launch, but all the same. Many men complex due to the small envelope of its main organ and they start looking for different ways of its increase — the salvation on the Internet offers is full. However, many of them will not help, but harm.

I have to stretch

penis enlargement

We have analyzed the most popular methods that today offer for penis enlargement. To separate, as they say, the wheat from the chaff.

Very tempting looks like the possibility to prolong the sexual dignity of using a simulator under the name of the extender. Promises that it is mechanically stretched authority to 4-5 cm, and even increase its volume to 1.5 see

And yet — they reduce its curvature and increase the libido.

Despite the fact that many people talk about it, that method helps them (member of rose for a few months to 1-2 cm), all noted a strong pain while wearing the device, which, by the way, wear it every day. Is it uncomfortable. In addition, it helps the attachment is not for everyone. If there is reduced elasticity of the tunica shell of the penis, stretch it useless.

Factors that affect the length of the penis:

  • heredity
  • characteristics of growth and development
  • hormonal status
  • disorders of fetal development

Rub or no rub

Still shaky way to enlarge your penis — rubbing in her magical creams and gels that are sold in huge numbers.

If we are to believe the advertising, thanks to the tanning substances, only a week is possible for the male organ to gigantic proportions. Meanwhile, doctors say that creams for penis enlargement — no more than a "scam".

After all, if these funds could penetrate deeper in the epidermis, their would have to register as a medication, and in free sale they were not. In the best case, that the cream does not get hurt.

And here is the introduction under the skin of the penis, gels, pastes, vaseline oil is fraught with dangerous consequences, up to loss of the skin of the penis, and even the ability to erection. These patients must work with a view to the salvation of the penis and the use of its features

And here the vacuum pump, which creates pressure, which allegedly leads to an increase in (the other common method is from the Internet), can easily contribute to the rupture of blood vessels. In addition, the experts recognized the method is absolutely ineffective. Of massage, that offer some craftsmen, or exercise, too, is unlikely to understand. How to enlarge penis

The man, whose the dimensions of the genital area substantially less diameter, will not solve your problems, blurry genitals cream or hanging to his cargo. He should seek medical help.

Today is the only truly effective method for solving such an intimate problem, they are called doctors and undergo surgery, which will really help increase the authority to the 5 see has indications and contraindications. In addition, it is not always the body needs to increase.

The average penis size in the rest of about 9 cm and erect — about 15. It's a statistic and not an ideal to which to aspire.

How to increase thickness of penis (all the ways)

The possibility of penis enlargement is always excited man. Studies show that approximately 30-40 % of men are dissatisfied with the size of your penis. Yes, and artificially created the myth that the larger the size of the penis, the better, leads to the fact that such disaffected becomes more and more. In connection with this medicine does not stand still and is constantly evolving towards methodologies and equipment to increase not only length, but also thickness of the penis.

The basic techniques

To date, there are several methods that help to increase the thickness of the penis. The undoubted advantage is that they are all ideal for use in the home. So the main methodologies it is important to mention the following:

  1. Manual methods.
  2. Vacuum pump.
  3. Extender.
  4. A medical method based on the use of hormonal drugs.
  5. Surgical intervention.

For every way more:


One of the easiest methods to enlarge the penis, in the opinion of the man. The most important thing is that the method has no side effects for the organism of a man and does not require a financial cost on the accessories. Penis enlargement is possible on the length and thickness. For this, use a variety of exercises.

It is important to note that technically, the increase in length means stretching the tissue of the cavernous bodies, and the thickness can ensure their expansion. If you call the manual method of stretching the tissue of the sexual organ is for men difficult, then, for the extension of a necessary condition is a maintaining an erection after a certain period of time. And it increases the risk of injury.

Exercises for increasing the thickness of the penis work best in a state of erection. Start exercise is a must with loads of low intensity, then gradually you can increase the intensity and complicate the exercise. Do not forget that before the start of training is required heating of the tissues.

The fastest this can be done using warm water and washcloths. Another important point is the available abundant lubrication, you can use any gel-lubricant. When performing the exercise "dry" and without prior heating of tissue is a high risk of injury to the tissues in the penis.

After the preparation of the approach to the execution of the exercise:

  1. Start stroking.
  2. Gradually increasing the pressure on the penis until reaching the maximum erection.
  3. One hand to hold in the area of the foundation of the penis, the other gently draw out the area of the head.
  4. Continue to draw for a period of one minute, whereupon the pressure weaken, then repeat everything again.

There is another option of exercise for increasing the thickness of the penis in domestic conditions. The preparatory phase is similar, it is not to forget the heating and erasing. Then grasp the penis in the area of the head and start to gradually stretch and compress. At the moment of maximum tension it is necessary to stay on a few seconds.

After the execution of the exercises is recommended to do relaxing massage, which helps to restore blood circulation. The disadvantage is the duration of the process.


This method not only helps to increase the length and thickness of the penis, but also to get rid of impotence. Vacuum pump for men is a cylinder with a pump. In this capacity it is placed on the penis, and the pump gradually pump from the cylinder air. As a result, manage to achieve a significant enlargement of the penis for a short period of time.

Attachments less popular than the vacuum pump. Its not recommended to use in men with the presence of anatomical anomalies of the structure of the organs of the urinary system. The advantage is painless, efficiency and lack of side effects.

The extender allows you to regulate tension and stretching of the penis. Further, to achieve the best result is possible in addition to use a special rod.

It is believed that the outcome is observed already after a month from the beginning of use. It is important to note that the fixture does not tightens the cells of the structural elements of the body, and contributes to the increase in their number.

So the result is stored for a long time.