Production of vacuum pumps-yourselfers

Air pump represents a pump, forming a vacuum. Has tremendous suction power and is created by the sump air or other substances from a closed container. What good is such a device, what are the principles of his work, variants and features how to build a device with his own hands, — all these questions need to be examined.

What kind of machines are produced and where they are used

vacuum pump

In today's world, people are very often encountered with vacuum in the home life. These devices are applied when braking the car and air-conditioning systems. There home appliances, to exhaust the air from the packages with meals or bulk items.

Products are applied in various industries:

  • Textile;
  • Food;
  • Pharmacovigilance;
  • Medicine;
  • Oil and natural gas;
  • Chemical;
  • Electrical engineering;
  • Metallurgy;
  • Agriculture;
  • Construction.

There are even pumps for women and men, of the additive into the blood vessels in various organs. Vacuum devices are used almost everywhere, because their structure is different. Basic types of these devices are diverse. Liquid ring developed earlier than all the others and is used in the present time.

For such a device needs a constant supply of fluids and electricity.

The vacuum in the chamber generated by the rotation of the mechanism, immersed in this liquid. Plate-rotary — the most popular in production. They are designed for small closed systems. Plate-rotary pump is basically composed of 2 cameras. In the work of the rotor the air from one module is moving in another. These pumps occur in 2 types – oil and self-lubricating.

The creation of a manual device of the syringe

Such a manual mini-pump is very affordable, and seamlessly gather every person.

To the device from the syringe, it is necessary to prepare:

  • Sickness of the syringe, preferably more;
  • T-shirt;
  • Tube, the same diameter circle, such as a t-shirt and syringes;
  • 2 check valves.

First is the flexible plastic pipe is cut into 3 parts and connects to a tee. To one tube, ensure the syringe, and the other two – the aquarium valves.

You can use the aquarium valves of the same diameter as the tube.

One valve is inserted on the absorption of air, the second — on the issue. During the movement of the piston into the syringe of the capacity of the pumped air. In the same way it is possible to decant the water from one container to another.

The fixture from the automobile pump

Yourself home pump in the home is made from an ordinary automobile or bicycle pump. The work consists of 4 consecutive steps. And this:

  1. Oriented device, and the obtained cuff.
  2. The cuff turns the other side and screwed back.
  3. To the gas-tube mounted check valve.
  4. On the free end of the valve is placed on pipe or hose of durable material.

The essence of reprocessing lies in the fact that changing the direction of the workflow: when you press the lever to reduce the volume of the chamber, and the air escapes through the inverted cuff.

When lifting the handle of the camera creates a vacuum.

This home appliance can come in handy even at home, for example, when a fence of air from the housings for storage of pillows and bulky things, without the help of a vacuum cleaner.

From different compressors

For pumping of large volumes it is possible to pump with the electric drives. Not to pumped container containing the liquid, otherwise the water vapor to quickly bring the device out of operation. For this, the compressor broke down, the system supply equipment for dehumidifying the air.

The production of the pump by the compressor is divided into 3 stages:

  1. Removed the filter on the compressor.
  2. At the inlet to the compressor connects to the tube for it to suck air.
  3. Switch on the device itself.

Pump with your own hands, you can create using a broken refrigerator or air conditioning. The production process is simple and takes place in several stages. The saw pin on the upper part. Arranging the engine from the hull. For copper pipes with a special hose and connects to a small tank.

The upper part of the compressor, is replaced by a new, smaller diameter. The cover is made using a soldering iron from brass foil. Tied gone, and linoleum for sound insulation.

The pump is equipped with a tubular gauge for checking the oil level (you can do it from the wardrobe of an ordinary pencil). To the suction installation connects the air filter, you can use the car. Between the assembly and the filter is mounted, the system reset too much pressure. Is incorporated into the network.

How to make a vacuum pump

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Liquid ring vacuum pump creates a very strong vacuum and is widely used for agricultural machinery. Work takes place at the expense of the diving rotating mechanism into a liquid.

Yourself edit aquarium compressor is not at all difficult, the design is enough to change slightly:

  1. Using a screwdriver, unscrewed the fastening with the case.
  2. Oriented knot, and removed the check valves.
  3. The valves switch and the device will be back.
  4. The tube connects to the vacuum area. For the removal of moisture in the building is doing, there is a small hole.
  5. The system is set up a gas outlet from the pipe of a suitable size.

Installation of this pump occurs in several stages. Inside the round drum will fit the blade mechanism. It is set up so as to come into contact with the casing. The drum is partially filled with water.

The impeller with the help of the engine starts to rotate, and the liquid is under the action of centrifugal force fills the pump.

The water flow is conducted from the pipe or tank. Puller to remove the bearing. For the headband on the plate you put on the buttons. When tightening the nut it is produced by pressing the plate on the shaft.

The nuances of the production of the pumps with his own hands

The main advantages of the membrane-piston pump — in its universality, and that is the noise. A vacuum is forced under the influence of the piston. In Cam devices of the vacuum created at the expense of the 2 main parts of the mechanism — "the cam", spinning to each other.

As the pumps do not need lubrication, because of what they have lower power and need spare parts.

Vacuum pump, that you can do it yourself using a medical syringe, auto - or pump, an electric air compressor, compressor from a fridge, the compressor of the aquarium. Choose the variant, you first need to decide where and why it will be used.

The pump consists of several individual parts:

  1. Plastic flask with the sealing cuff, into which is inserted stöck.
  2. A mechanism that creates a vacuum by pumping air.
  3. The rubber tube that connects the pump with the adapter of the flask.

Stöck inserted inside the flask, pumped the air and create a vacuum. This leads to the extended care air. For his boot pressed special air valve or is exempt hole closed with your finger.

In stores there are options pumps of various specifications. But such a pump can easily do it yourself from scrap materials. Choose from the bulb to the desired size (it is possible to do from the pipe of the syringe or plastic bottles), drilling 2 holes. To one hole by using a sealant or adhesive to join the tube (silicone, rubber or from a dropper). The second hole is attached sealing sleeve, ensuring the tightness and allows you to is not injury. With the help of the foil, the transitional tube is connected with the pump.

When necessary, the use of a vacuum pump can significantly save money, raking a unit separately. However, on its creation will leave a lot of time and forces. For the production of equipment with their own hands, sometimes you can just use the already available source material. From that, what type will be selected directly, will depend on the complexity of the work and ways of use of the device.