Instructions for use Macho Man


Macho Man as the spray is excitatory agent, the effect of which is visible immediately. There is no need to drink for several weeks, is enough to buy in advance and put before sex to the penis. Spray begins to work immediately after getting on the skin. The maximum effect is reached in 10 minutes, holds it for 2-3 hours.

The algorithm is the use intended by the manufacturer. It is very simple and does not require any special skills.

  1. Get ready for the process. You need to wash into the app, and not after. For women the spray is safe.
  2. For 10 minutes prior to sex, apply the product with the help of 3-4 clicks on the cover of the spray. You can do it as soon as formed, and to spend 10 minutes on foreplay. Partner will appreciate.
  3. The action means continues from 2 to 3 hours. Depends on your метоболизма.
  4. Use has no time limit. Can be used every day. Several times a day is not recommended – any sex is a big burden on the body.

Indications Macho Man

Use Macho Man it is recommended, if you have bad sex for the following reasons:

  • Natural disorders after diseases of the genitourinary system. Alone disease need to be treated.
  • Riser exists, but is unstable.
  • Reduce the sensitivity of the penis.
  • No desire for sex, but to satisfy a woman or girl should have.

Contraindications for spray Macho Man

Spray Macho Man completely safe. It is not a medicinal remedy, therefore, has no contraindications. The only restrictions from the doctor: side regularly use the drug, if any problems and you just want insurance in case. If something goes wrong, spray always can be applied in the process. Also, you cannot use those who are individual intolerance of components.

The results of the application Macho Man

Use Macho Man allows you to quickly secure a fixed riser for a few hours. Regular use of оздоравливает the body, improves potency, relieves some of the symptoms of neurosis and depressive disorders. The spray is a medicinal remedy.

It is important that the drug does not cause addiction, because it acts locally. Spray is a certified product, is absolutely safe. Side effects were not discovered.