Macho Man Buy in the Pharmacy

For the convenience of consumers Macho Man and the requirements of any pharmacy this drug has printed instructions on each package. It is necessary to know that it does not have the long and unnecessary notes, and the procedure is very simple and remember it, you can from the first times. It consists only of three steps, which are:

  1. you need to make sure that the drug to be mounted on a dry and clean penis. If something like that occurs, then it is necessary to go into the showers, after which the well вытереться;
  2. further, the tool вытаскивается from his pack, and is applied to the sexual organ;
  3. during the 10 minutes you need to wait the main effect, after which you can drowning in the sensual утехах.

Familiarity with this list one can understand that the whole procedure using lasts no longer than 15 minutes, and the effect can last for more than one hour. The dosage for this drug is not but usually it is recommended брызнуть спреем on the sexual organ 3-4 times, to a result was able to hit even very pessimistically attuned to the patient.